Navy SEALs is a 1990 movie starring Michael Biehn and Charlie Sheen as leaders of a US Navy SEAL team of commandos. The main storyline missions of the pinball game are based on the plot of the movie.

Mission 1: The first big mission of the movie is when the SEAL team is called in to rescue the crew of a Navy helicopter that was shot down by pirates in the Middle East. After one of the hostages is shot by their captors, the SEALs break in. The SEAL leader, played by Biehn, tells the captured helicopter pilot: "We're a SEAL team. We're here to get you out." The leader of the terrorists is mistaken for a prisoner and let go. Meanwhile two of the SEALs find a shipment of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, but must leave with the hostages before they are able to destroy the rockets, despite throwing a grenade in the middle of the crates of rockets. They receive backup from a sniper on their team who is in position on top of a nearby crane, although the crane does not move in the movie.

Mission 2: Intelligence has determined that the rockets are being carried on a cargo ship. The SEALs are called into action again, exiting from a submerged submarine with inflatable speedboats and boarding the cargo ship. They find a couple of terrorists, but there are only decoy crates found on board.

Mission 3: After a planeload of peace negotiators is shot down by one of the Stingers, the SEALs decide to gather their own intelligence by capturing an informant with terrorist ties in the Middle East. They jump from a plane six miles up, opening their parachutes at low altitude (this technique is called HALO for High Altitude, Low Opening), landing in the ocean, and swimming underwater to the beach. They capture the target and abduct him to a dock where an inflatable speedboat waits to pick everyone up. However one of the SEAL team is killed in a firefight at the target's house.

Mission 4: The rockets are tracked down to Beirut. The SEALs take off from a carrier in a helicopter, jumping into the water with inflatable speed boats to get to shore. They make their way to a building where they plant explosives and blow up the missiles. In their attempt to get away they hijack a car and are being chased by an armored vehicle. One of the SEALs has a RPG type of weapon to use against the pursuing vehicle and Sheen's character says: "You get one shot. You miss, we die." Afterwards the SEALs make their way to the beach to be picked up by a submarine.