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The full board at the beginning of the game. Mouse over a part of the board to see its name; click to go to a page about it.

Welcome to the Navy Seals Pinball WikiEdit

Guide, tips, and cheats for Gameprom's Navy Seals Pinball, part of the War Pinball app for iOS. Please add your tips or comments!

About Navy Seals PinballEdit

Navy Seals Pinball is part of Gameprom's suite called War Pinball (99 cents for iPhone version, $2.99 for iPad version). Also included in War Pinball are Platoon Pinball and Missing in Action Pinball. All are based on action movies and include sound effects and images from those movies. Navy Seals Pinball's elements directly relate to the original movie. Navy Seals is probably the most similar to Gameprom's previous pinball offerings, included in Pinball HD, namely The Deep Pinball and Jungle Style Pinball.

Game ElementsEdit

Missions: These are simple precursor missions. Once you have a completed a certain number of them (3, 4, 6, or 8), you can go on to try to complete a more complicated Storyline Mission.

Storyline Missions: The objective of the game is to complete all four storyline missions. These are indicated by the funky trident-looking red arrows at the center of the board.

Medals: Medals are awarded for storyline missions and for accomplishing specials bonus tasks.

Board PartsEdit

Here is the guide that comes with the game.

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