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The full board at the beginning of the game. Mouse over a part of the board to see its name; click to go to a page about it.

Left and right bumpers: On either side of the mission counting area. Receive 1,500 points for hitting them.

Ball saver: Between the two flippers, a ball saver was added in Version 1.5. It seeems intended to be used only during the first minute or so of the game or as a paid cheat, but sometimes seems to get stuck after exiting during mid-game and then coming back, possibly when the ball is in the launcher.

Wire ramp: You get 10,000 points for going into the wire ramp, even if the ball doesn't have enough speed to go all the way through. The wire ramp plays an important role in the third storyline mission.

Lanes: At the top of the field above the pop bumpers. Lighting all three lanes gives you a Navy Bonus (see below). At the start of the game if you pull the plunger back about a third of the way the ball will go down the right lane. With the right timing, you can press the right flipper twice and may be able to light all three lanes as the ball bounces back up the the lane and down again.

Pop Bumpers and Navy Bonus: The red pop bumpers at the top of the board are worth 750 points without any multipliers. Lighting all three lanes above the pop bumpers earns a Navy Bonus and a 2x, 5x, or 10x multiplier. If you get to the 10x multiplier you are awarded a medal.

Gun Light: When the gun near the crane lights up, passing the ball over it earns 20,000 points.

Chutes: Located at the bottom left and right of the board, these chutes will kick the ball back into play. But once they have been used, a switch falls in place cause the ball to be lost the next time it goes down the chute. The chute can be reset by lighting the three targets on the front of the helicopter.

Crane: The crane is located at the upper left side of the board. If the ball is knocked into the speedboat, it will come out between the treads of the crane. If the ball is knocked back into the crane when both lights are lit, you get the "Sniper in position" bonus, and the ball will come out from under the boat.

Speedboat: Looks like an inflatable boat just above the helicopter. When the ball goes up in the boat, you get a variable amount of points. If the ball goes all the way in, it will pop out from under the crane.